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Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Or Impotence

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is something that may pose a problem for an adult man especially in ages of 45 upwards. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be traced to a lot of factors.

*The excess use of alcohol, tobacco/nicotine.
*Fatigue, stress and anxiety.
*Injuries to brain and the spinal cord.
*Low level of testosterone for example Hypogonadism.
*Parkinson’s disease.
*Exposure of testicles to radiation.
*Heart stroke/s.
*Surgery of the bladder or prostate.
*High blood sugar or Hyperglycemia.
*High blood pressure or Hypertension.
In addition to the above mentioned physical causes of erectile dysfunction, psycological causes can also be a problem.
*Bad sexual experience, nervousness and bad previous episode in sexual intercourse.
*Family or work related stress.
*Problems in relation with sex partner.
*Negative mood and sub-conscious negative feeling… and the list goes on and on.

treatment of erectile dysfunction

In men, free testosterone is responsible for body energy, stamina and sex drive. As a man grows older, he tends to suffer from low sex drive, poor stamina and lack of sexual interest. This is as a result of the testosterone getting bound by the hormone building globulin. Only 2% of testosterone are left free which are responsible for providing the body with energy and sex drive. Normally, a man should have about 800 free testosterone. Lesser number may result in erectile dysfunction.

Luckily, some of the mentioned causes of erectile dysfunction can be remedied or at least reduced.
*Through reduction of alcohol consumption.
*Reducing the use of tobacco.
*Engagement in sports activities.
*Regular medical checkups.
It is also a good idea to consult experts on the topic and/or finding a treatment.

treatment of erectile dysfunction

Some men, due to one reason or the other find it difficult to discuss this topic. Worse still is the tendency to hide sexual inability from friends and sexual partner/s. This is a very bad behaviour in solving problems associated with erectile dysfunction!

There is a saying: “He who asks for direction does not roam.

There is always a solution out there! For years, scientists have been doing various researches to diagnose the causes of erectile dysfunction and to find possible solutions to it. The tendency of men to be sexually active is as old as the earth itself.

In different parts of the world, there are some who believe that consumption of a particular food item boosts sexual performance. In some parts of Africa, people believe that the horn of the Rhinocerous is a powerful aphrodisiac.
In some parts of Europe, there is another believe that consumption of the Peanut and alleviates the fear of erectile dysfunction. There are a occasions when a woman buys peanuts and people tease her for trying to make a “sex machine” of her man.

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