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How To Last Longer During Sex (For Men Who Wish To Give Women Sensational Sex)

Giving your woman incredible pleasure and making sure she gets an orgasm every time is a great way to enjoy longer sex for men. Unfortunately Mother Nature often has other ideas, because from the evolutionary standpoint, men in general are sadly hardwired to ejaculate quickly during intercourse. Let's face it. The vast majority of men […]

Longer Sex For Men

How to Make Sex Last Longer – Crucial Advice For Men A lot of guys have the problem of going too soon. They don't want to have an orgasm that quickly, but for some reason their bodies just don't agree with their minds. Once it has been done, you are left incredibly embarrassed and your […]

A Great Way To Last Longer In Bed – That 99% Of Men Have Never Even Tried!

Ever heard of arousal step-down techniques? How about the PC muscle and Kegels? If you're like most guys, you probably haven't. And as such, most men – unaware of the numerous ways they can boost their sexual skill and 'lasting' power – regularly produce mediocre performances in bed, leaving themselves disappointed and the women they're […]

Great Sex – Here Are 3 Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know About Women, Sex And The Bedroom

Unsurprisingly penis size is one of the most common problems that a lot of guys feel that they have. Whether they worry about it being too small or much too large, it can be quite tough for guys to deal with the feeling that they aren't as 'naturally gifted' as other men. In fact most […]

Great Sex For Men

5 Foreplay Tips for Great Sex – For Men The most important part of  better sex for women is actually what goes on before penetration, also known as foreplay. Yet men are 'wired' to skip over this and go for penetration which is, for them, the main event. Here are five foreplay tips to help […]

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