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better sex for men

3 Tips For Better Sex For Men Only

better sex for men

Want to discover three tips for better sex which brings you closer to your lover?

Enjoying fantastic sex can bond your relationship and allow you to connect on an entirely different level.

Most couples who engage in sex more frequently live better lives and reduce stress caused by all the little things we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Try these tips for better sex for men and see if you can trigger her desires for you.

better sex for men

  1. The pace of your love making needs to be consistent for her to receive maximum pleasure. Too many time we rush sex in order to reach a goal. Which is fine for you, but leaves her experience a bit listless. Begin with foreplay and allow her senses to warm up before allowing intercourse to begin. She will be able to focus more on the act of sex and everything will slow down to a speed she enjoys.
  2. Bring lubricants to bed with you. If you plan on having sex, have lubricants nearby readily accessible. You don't want to stop in the heat of the moment to reach in a drawer to pull it out. If it's laying around near you, the break in the intensity your sharing will be minimal. Lubricants add an entirely new sensation for both of you and helps her to receive frictionless pleasure.
  3. When having intercourse use positions which allow your hands the freedom to stimulate her clitoris. It's why having lubricants nearby by is so important. You don't want to use dry hands to give her pleasure. Dab a small amount on your fingers and massage her clitoris. This allows her to feel more sensations and easier for you to bring her to orgasm.

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