Advanced Routine For Kegel Exercise

Now, after two months of performing kegel routines, your PC muscle will be stronger and healthier than ever. The benefits of having a toned, powerful PC muscle will already by completely evident by your increased erection strength, more intense orgasms and improved self-awareness during sex. This final set-out kegel routine incorporates every kegel type to exercise your PC muscle to a new, more intense level and in turn increase its health and power to even higher levels.


Advanced Routine For Kegel Exercise100 Standard Clamps lasting half a second each, performed in quick Aim to complete all 100 in around a minute.

3 Squeezes lasting 30 seconds each, with a gap of 10 seconds between each squeeze.

5 Kegel Flutters. Draw each flutter out for as long as possible. (Refer to the description earlier).

2 Push-Out kegels lasting 10 seconds with a gap of 3 seconds between each.

1 Stair Step. First, tense your PC muscle for 5 seconds, then release, then tense for 10 seconds and release. Continue increasing the rep lengths by 5 seconds until you reach 30 seconds. Leave a gap of 10 seconds between each squeeze.

Now you’ve seen what each kegel routine entails, it’s time to look at the calendars used to set-out and keep track out each routine.


As you may have already noticed, each routine has been assigned a colour. Red for beginner’s, blue for intermediate and black for the advanced routine. On the calendar below you’ll see each day of the week laid out along the top, with the week number listed on the left hand side. Within each day is a block of colour, in this first calendar they’re red to represent the beginner’s routine. The number of blocks in each day represents how many times a day you perform the routine.

1 block for once a day.

2 blocks for twice a day etc.


Here you can see that the beginner’s routine explained earlier is performed twice a day every other day for a month, with a week off after the 4 weeks has been completed.


For the second month of the course, you perform the intermediate routine once a day for two days in a row starting from Monday, with one day’s gap separating each group of two days. Once again, there’s a one week resting period at the end of the month.


For the third month of the course, you perform the advanced routine every other weekday, with Saturday and Sunday as rest days.


Advanced Routine For Kegel ExerciseThe calendars’ primary use are to allow you to record each routine you perform, and avoid losing track of where you are in terms of the PC muscle development course. Here’s the best way to do this:

Print out all three of the routine descriptions – beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can then either memorise what each one consists of, or better yet, simply fold up the print-outs and keep them handy (in your wallet, coat pocket, or in the bathroom cabinet, anywhere they’ll be accessible for when you come to performing your kegel routines).

Print out the following calendar that has all of the routines laid out, along with the appropriate weeks down the side. Either pin it up somewhere, or keep it safe with the routine descriptions. Then, as you progress through each day and week, cross them off. It may seem a little obsessive, but it’s this easy to track approach that thousands of men have lacked and in turn why they’ve been forced to give up on improving the strength and overall health of their PC muscles.

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